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Influx of N64 Collectors

Posted by lithium017 on July 21, 2012 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (1)

If you are into collecting for the N64 for a while, you may have noticed an increase in demand for many of the items. New collectors everyday are trying to find and buy the rarest N64 items such as the Daiei Hawks or Jusco consoles. New collectors do need to realize that 'old school' N64 collectors searched for months or years to find some items. In collecting, patience and persistence are virtues. 

Best of luck to all new Nintendo 64 Collectors - just be patient and realize that some items only come up once in a blue moon

3DS and Nintendo Safety Nets

Posted by lithium017 on July 29, 2011 at 10:42 AM Comments comments (0)

This is not the first time Nintendo has innovated and provided themselves with a safety net. The 3DS has the so called “gimmick” of being 3D without glasses. Recently (as of August 12, 2011) Nintendo has provided a 32% price drop of the cost of their console in North America from $249.99 down to $169.99. Nintendo has also specified that they are fine with their customers playing on the console with the 3D turned off, and they even encourage it.


If we look back over 15 years ago to the Virtual Boy, we all see the mistakes that Nintendo made. That console had to really be played in a home and the graphics would always only be seen in red.


The following year, perhaps Nintendo demonstrated their ability to learn from mistakes when they offered both the joystick and a D-pad on their Nintendo 64 controller. It was stated by Nintendo executives that this was done in case what was called 3-D gaming then, would fail. Nintendo’s joystick and “3D” gaming was a huge success and the D-pad was only used by a handful of games.


A decade later with the release of the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo demonstrated innovation again with motion controls in gaming. Some hardcore Nintendo fans were not overly enthused about using such controls in games, and thus Nintendo created many of their games with the ability to turn off motion controls or use them very minimally. Essentially, the console had a safety net of turning the remote sideways and using it for many games while integrating the motion controls very minimally. Zelda Skyward Sword is the Wii’s swan song and it is finally stated to be true 1:1 gameplay that we all wanted 5 years ago. Essentially it took Nintendo that long to perfect the art but they had a stranglehold on motion control gaming for so long.


This brings us back to the 3DS. Currently, there is a lack of games out for the console that truly demonstrate the abilities of 3D in gaming. Cell phones, cameras and other digital devices are soon to have the same glasses-free 3D screens. Nintendo’s dominance is going to be short lived in that market and they know it. The price drop has indicated that Nintendo has learned from their mistakes and realizes the seriousness of the current market of handheld gaming. Will Nintendo 3DS be a success? Certainly. Will their 3D technology actually be used in games down the line? Only time will tell.