Nintendo Collecting 101

For Nintendo Collectors!

Q & A About Me

Name: Dan (Lithium017)

Age: 23

Location: Canada

Occupation: Student taking Mathematics and English Literature in University

What made you start collecting?

I have always been into gaming and I enjoy collecting certain things. Upon the discovery of Kijiji I found many good deals for items that were unique. I had previously been collecting the different flavours of Smirnoff and when I realized that the Nintendo 64 had many colour variations as well, I made it my quest to get all of them. This triggered my collecting nature as I sought all of the Funtastic consoles and their controllers, however, after obtaining all of them I wished to have the boxes for them, and the packaging for the controllers too. The rest is, as they say, history!

When did you start collecting?

I bought my own N64 in 1998 and I already had a Sega Genesis. Most of the games for those consoles I have had for well over 10 years. The NES, SNES, Gamecube and Wii games have mostly come to me more recently in the last 2 years. I do recall back in 2008 around September is when I became serious about collecting.

How many consoles do you have?

I currently own 30 consoles I believe, but most of those are variations of the N64.

How many controllers do you have?

Too many. 88 at this point, 64 of which are for the Nintendo 64 and are all official. It is my idea to keep 64 controllers, 4 for each of the uniquely released systems worldwide.

How many games do you have?

I have surpassed the 300 game mark and I can proudly say that atleast 250 of them are considered either rare or sought after. I stay away from sports games other than the Mario Ones.

200 Complete Games

How do you afford all of this?

I have been very fortunate in using Kijiji to buy a lot and sell what I do not need and I usually will break even. More recently I have been spending more to find desirable items from other regions like Japan. It is my attempt to try and keep my collecting near break even, although more recently I have not done so.

Where do you find your games, consoles and other memorabilia?

I use Kijiji, Craiglist,,,, and and also some local stores and shops

Do you actually play any of them?

Unfortunately I do not play everything I own. I play the ones I am interested in and I have played all of my Nintendo 64 games at one time or another. The collecting nature has caused me to obtain some games that are rare but are not “good” so I generally do not play those.

What is your favourite console?

Hands down the Nintendo 64.

What is your favourite game?

Such a tough question to address but I would have to say Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64. Star Fox 64 comes close as well as it was the reason why I bought a Nintendo 64, and of course Zelda Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker are among my favourites.

What is your favourite genre of game? 

I really enjoy platformers and adventure games for the most part. Think old school Nintendo SNES and N64 to get the idea of what I like to play.

What console do you play the most?

The Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo 64. The Wii is great to play with friends with games such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario Party, Rockband 2 and the N64 is used for our retrogasms when we play Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and Star Fox.

Why not collect Xbox or Playstation games and consoles?

In my attempt to stay focused financially and mentally in collecting, I have chosen to deal with Nintendo products. I relate to them the most and I found the Nintendo Wii controls refreshing from the dual analog stick of FPS that dominate the current market. I also do not forsee disk based games maintaining their value like the catridge based games that have been relased on home consoles previously. While I do collect mostly for Nintendo, I do also see the beauty and have an appreciation for all types of gaming on all consoles as I watch reviews for many, many releases.

What are your goals in collecting?

1)      To obtain every released Nintendo 64 Console Boxed and Complete (16 / 16) ACCOMPLISHED

2)      To obtain every released Nintendo 64 game complete (50 / 300ish)

3)      To obtain every released Nintendo 64 controller (27 / 27) ACCOMPLISHED

4)      To obtain every released Nintendo 64 controller boxed (NA = 8 / 8, JAP = 14 / 18)

6)      To obtain every Nintendo 64 first party released accessory (NA = 4 / 4 ; NA Blister 5 / 5, JAP = 6 / 7)

5)      To obtain every released SNES game complete (80 / 7XX)

6)      To continue collecting Sega Genesis, Gamecube, and Wii Games

7)      Spread the knowledge and history I have of gaming

What else do you do?

I enjoy playing many sports such as soccer, volleyball, racquetball, badminton and hockey. I like to create designs for Flip Cup and Beer Pong Activity Tables and I have made 11 tables thus far, and sold a few. I also like to read and write when I can.


Beer Pong and Flip Cup Table FAQ

I do not recall why I began to create these tables. The idea originated from within for a friend's birthday and it spawned a hobby that I continue to this day. I have sold 6 tables for several hundred dollars and I have given many as gifts to my friends for special occasion such as Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas and just for being awesome! I have many more ideas for tables and people asking me to make them one occasionally. I simply enjoy the process and I have made 11 so far!

What do You Use to Make Them?

I began with making 3 table toppers until I realized that making a full table would be more practical. Since normal Beer Pong games are played on 6, 7, or 8 foot lengths, I generally make tables at least that long. I try to buy tables from garage sales and the like for a good price, and then I paint and urathane on them for my products. I first use paint primer on the tables, then I use acryllic paints (multiple coats) and then I seal it with polyurathane with usually 5-6 coats letting it dry for 6 hours in between each coat.

Where and How do you Make the Designs? Do They Take Long to Create?

I have created my own designs for all of the tables I have made, sometimes getting feedback from friends or customers who ask for it to be made. I have designed the tables using images found online, Windows Paint, and Adobe Photoshop. A design can take me anywhere from a few hours to 20 hours from research, finding sources, brainstorming, layout, narrowing process, and finalization. The Mario table in particular, took me the longest to manipulate and find the sprites I used.

How Long Does it Take You To Make a Table?

A table from the design stage to its completion has taken me 20 hours to 100 hours, depending on the table (and this time does not even include the polyurathane application). I tend to be very specific with my tables and I am meticulous in my work, creating them to the best of my ability. The more complicated the design, the longer it will take.

How Much Does it Cost To Produce a Table?

Generally, my supplies for the table, paints, brushes and polyurathane total around $80 per table.

How Much Have You Sold Them For?

I have sold 6 tables in the past, 5 of which were complete tables 6 feet in length with legs for $250 each. With the cost of supplies and the labour included, I am really not making much of a profit when you do the math, but it is a labour of love.