Nintendo Collecting 101

For Nintendo Collectors!

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

I never really got into the NES but that has not stopped me from collecting 32  games for it (26 completes and 6 non complete). I bought the NES in 2008 and the games followed quickly thereafter. It is not my goal to collect much more for the NES for the time being as I would like to concentrate on the N64 and SNES.


Note that the picture above is quite outdated.

NES Game Collection:

Note: C = cartridge, I = instructions, B = box, M = map, additional I = Insert

Game                                                                             What I Have

1. Battletoads                                                                                         CB

2. Contra Super C                                                                                   CIB

3. Double Dragon C                                                                                C

4. Double Dragon II                                                                                CIB

5. Double Dragon III                                                                               CIB

6. Dr. Mario                                                                                             CIB

7. Dragon Warrior                                                                                   CIB

8. Duck Hunt                                                                                           CIB

9. Duck Tales                                                                                          CIB

10. Gauntlet                                                                                            CIB

11. Gun n Smoke                                                                                     CIB

12. Kirby’s Adventure (SEALED)                                                              CIB NEW             

13. Little Nemo Dream Master                                                                CIB

14. Marble Madness                                                                               CIB

15. Metal Gear                                                                                        CIB

16. Metroid                                                                                             C

17. Ninja Gaiden                                                                                     CIB

18. Ninja Gaiden II                                                                                  CIB

19. Paperboy                                                                                          CIB        

20. River City Ransom                                                                            CIB

21. Strider                                                                                              CIB

22. Super Adventure Island                                                                   C

23. Super Mario Bros 2                                                                           CI

24. Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt                                                          CI

25. Super Mario Bros. 3                                                                         CIB

26. Tetris                                                                                               CIB

27. The Simpson’s Bart vs. The Space Mutants                                     CIB

28. TMNT The Arcade Game                                                                   CIB        

29. TMNT The Manhattan Project                                                          CIB

30. TMNT                                                                                               CIB        

31. Zelda I: The Legend of Zelda                                                          CIBMI

32. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link                                                      CIBM    


NES Accessories and Console

Accessory                                                                 What I Have

Console                                                                         Console, Box, Poster and 1/2 Stryrofoam

Red Light Gun                                                                 Gun

Grey Light Gun                                                                Gun

Controller x 2                                                                  Controllers Only

Quickshot XII Controller                                                    Complete

Four Score                                                                                        Complete