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Oddities                                                                                                     Where to put something when it is not a console, game, or an accessory? Why in the Oddities section of course! I will use this section to discuss other gaming related things such as figures, posters, display boxes, tables and anything else I can think of! If you have any requests, feel f

Oddity #1 - Club Nintendo Platinum Reward 2010

First some background on what Club Nintendo is...

What is Club Nintendo?

It is a site made by Nintendo in order to allow its consumers to give feedback on their games. Consoles and games for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii can be registered on the website to obtain Club Nintendo points which can then be used to buy Club Nintendo Exclusive items from the website.

Is it Free to Use?

Technically yes, the website is free. Granted, you do need to spend hundreds of dollars to obtain enough Club Nintendo points to purchase anything from their store.

How Many Points Do You Get Per Console? Game?

Wii /DS Console = 160 Points

DS Game = 30 Points

Wii Game = 30 Points

How Much Do The Rewards Cost?

Depends on what you want but they generally range from 200 points up to 800 or so.

What is the Club Nintendo Year? What and Why Gold and Platinum Status?

From July 1 to June 30th of the following year, Club Nintendo website will automatically track how many points you have obtained. If you have between 300 and 599 points then you have Gold Status and if you have over 600 points, you have Platinum Status. The different status you are the different gift you will receive from Club Nintendo just before Christmas.

Now the actual Platinum Status reward for the year 2010:

For being a member of Club Nintendo of Canada, I have received this special figure which includes the most important Mario characters! The figure is only about 4-5 inches high, has a plastic base, and is made from rubber. Included in the box was a small business card shaped message from Club Nintendo, and the entire package came in a very cool looking question mark box!











Here is a link to my video displaying the figure when I received it in the mail: (Click on text below)

Lithium017's Oddities #1: Club Nintendo Platinum Reward 2010