Nintendo Collecting 101

For Nintendo Collectors!

Super Nintendo (SNES)

The largest collection of games in my catalogue is the SNES as I have 130 of them (+ 1 listed below for just the box but no game yet). I would collect for it more, but there were not colour variations as there was for the Nintendo 64.

Feel free to watch my collection video (posted below), scroll through my games or view the pictures on the right (I am slowly updating this page to include pictures for all of my games, please be patient). The pictures are intended to open in a new page as I have that option selected, however they are not doing so. If you would like to open them in a new window, right click the link and select "Open in New Tab / Window."

My SNES Collection Video


NOTE: C = Cartridge, I = Instructions, B = Box, P = Poster, M = Map

#    Game                                        What I Have            Pictures

1.    7th Saga, The                                                            CIBM                            Front    Back

2.    ActRaiser                                                                   CB                                Front    Back

3.    Addams Family (The)                                                 C                                  Front   

4.    Aerobiz                                                                      C                                  Front   

5.    Aerobiz Supersonic                                                    C                                  Front   

6.    Aero The Acrobat                                                       C                                  Front    

7.   -Aladdin                                                                      CB                                Front    Back   

8.    -Battletoads in Battlemaniacs                                    CB                        

9.    Battletoads in Battlemaniacs                                     CB                                Front    Back

10.  Blackthorne                                                               CIB                               Front    Back

11.  Boogerman                                                                CFront    

12.  Brain Lord                                                                  CIBFront    Back

13.  Breath of Fire                                                             CFront    

14.  Breath of Fire 2                                                          CFront    

15.  Bronkie the Brachiosaurus                                         CFront    

16.  Castlevania Dracula X                                                CIFront    

17.  Castlevania IV                                                            CFront    

18.  Chrono Trigger                                                           CFront    

19.  Chuck Rock                                                                CIBFront    Back

20.  Contra III                                                                   CIBFront    Back

21.  -Cool Spot                                                                   CIBPIFront    Back

22.  Donkey Kong Country                                                CIBFront    Back

23.  Donkey Kong Country 2                                             CIBFront    Back

24.  Donkey Kong Country 3                                             CIBFront    Back

25.  Doom                                                                         CIBFront    Back

26.  Double Dragon V The Shadow Falls                           CFront    

27.  E.V.O. Search for Eden                                              CIBFront    Back

28.  Earthbound                                                                CFront    

29.  Earthworm Jim                                                           CFront    

30.  Earthworm Jim 2                                                        CIBP InsertFront    Back

31.  F Zero                                                                        CIBFront    Back

32.  Fatal Fury                                                                   CBFront    Back

33.  Fatal Fury 2                                                                CIBFront    Back

34.  Final Fantasy II                                                          CBMFront    Back

35.  Final Fantasy III                                                         CIBPMFront    Back

36.  Final Fantasy Mystic Quest                                         CIFront    

37.  Final Fight                                                                  CBFront    Back

38.  Final Fight 2                                                               CBFront    Back

39.  Final Fight 3                                                               CBFront    Back

40.  Final Fight Guy                                                           CBFront    Back

41.  -Flintstones                                                                 CIBPFront    Back

42.  Ghoul Patrol                                                               CIBFront    Back

43.  Harley's Humongous Adventure                                 CFront    

44.  Home Alone                                                                CFront    

45.  Home Alone 2 Lost in New York                                 CIBFront    Back

46.  Illusion of Gaia                                                           CIBMFront    Back

47.  -Jungle Book, The                                                        CBFront    Back

48.  Indiana Jones Greatest Adventure                            CFront    

49.  Killer Instinct                                                              CIBFront    Back

50.  Kirby Super Star                                                         CIB

51.  Kirby's Avalanche                                                       CIB

52.  Kirby's Dream Course                                                 C

53.  Kirby's Dreamland 3                                                    C

54.  Lagoon                                                                       CB

55.  Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, The                    CIBMIP

56.  Lethal Enforcers                                                        CIB / GUN

57.  Lion King, The                                                              B

58.  Lost Vikings 2                                                              C

59.  Lufia II Rise of the Sinistrals                                       CIBM

60.  Lufia The Fortress of Doom                                        CIBM

61.  Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, The                 C

62.  Mario is Missing                                                          CIBM

63.  Mario’s Time Machine                                                 CIBP

64.  Mario Paint                                                                 CIBPadMouse

65.  Mega Man 7                                                               CI

66.  Mega Man X                                                              CIB

67.  Mega Man X 2                                                           CIB

68.  Mega Man X 3                                                           CB

69.  Metal Combat                                                            C

70.  Metal Warriors                                                           C

71.  Mickey Mania                                                             C

72.  Mortal Kombat                                                          CB

73.  Mortal Kombat II                                                       CIB

74.  Mortal Kombat 3                                                        C

75.  Mystical Ninja                                                            C

76.  Ninja Gaiden Trilogy                                                   C

77.  Ninja Warriors                                                            C

78.  Pilotwings                                                                  C

79.  Rise of the Phoenix                                                    C

80.  Road Runner's Death Valley                                       C

81.  Romance of the Three Kingdoms II                            CIB

82.  Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV Wall of Fire         C

83.  Robocop vs. Terminator                                              C (plastic case)

84.  Secret of Evermore                                                     CIBPP

85.  Secret of Mana                                                           CIB

86.  Sim City                                                                      CIB

87.  Sim Earth                                                                    CI

88.  Soul Blazer                                                                 C

89.  Space Ace                                                                   C

90.  Space Megaforce                                                        C

91.  Spider Man Maximum Carnage                                   CIBP

92.  Spider Man X-Men Arcade's Revenge                         CIBP

93.  Starfox                                                                       CIB

94.  Street Fighter II                                                         CI

95.  Street Fighter Alpha II                                                C

96.  -Street Fighter II Turbo                                              CIB

97.  Sunset Riders                                                             C

98.  Super Adventure Island                                             CB

99.  Super Adventure Island II                                          C

100.  Super Bomberman                                                    C

101. Super Bomberman 2                                                  CIB

102. Super Double Dragon                                                CB

103. Super Ghouls and Ghosts                                          C

104. Super Mario All Stars                                                 CIB

105. Super Mario All Stars & World                                    CI

106. Super Mario Kart                                                       CIB

107. Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars            CIBInsert

108. Super Mario World                                                     CI

109. Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island                           CIB

110. Super Metroid                                                           CB

111. Super NES Super Scope 6                                         CIB / Scope

112. -Super Ninja Boy                                                        CB

113. Super Punch Out!                                                      CIB

114. Super Star Wars                                                        CIB

115. Super Star Wars Empire Strikes Back                        CB

116. Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi                           CIB

117. Super Turrican                                                           C

118. Super Turrican 2                                                        C

119. Techmo Secret of the Stars                                       C

120. Tetris & Dr. Mario                                                      CIB

121. Tetris Attack                                                               C

122. Turtles IV TMNT                                                          C

123. Ultima Runes of Virtue II                                           CIBM

124. Ultima The Black Gate                                                CIBM

125. Ultima The False Prophet                                          CIB

126. Uncharted Waters                                                     C

127. Uncharted Waters 2 New Horizons                           C

128. Uniracers                                                                   CIB

129. Yoshi's Safari                                                            CIB

130. -Young Merlin                                                            CB

131. Zombies Ate My Neighbours                                      C



Super Game Boy                                                                CIB                     Front    Back

Super Scope                                                                      CB                      Front     Back