Nintendo Collecting 101

For Nintendo Collectors!

Nintendo Wii / Wii U

The current console for Nintendo, I was one of the lucky people lining up outside a store before Christmas in 2007 to get my Wii, and I got the WiiU on launch day too. 

Feel free to check out these Links from me:

Red Nintendo Wii Mario's 25th Anniversary Unboxing




1.       ACDC Rock Band Track Pack

2.       Animal Crossing

3.       Donkey Kong Country Returns

4.       Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat New Play Control

5.       Goldeneye (Sealed)

6.       Guitar Hero 3

7.       Kirby's Epic Yarn

8.       Link's Crossbow Training

9.       Madden 07

10.   Mario Kart Wii

11.   Mario Party 8

12.   Metroid Trilogy (Sealed)

13.   New Super Mario Bros Wii

14.   Nights: Journey Into Dreams

15.   Red Steel 2 (Sealed)

16.   Resident Evil 4

17.   Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

18.   Rock Band 2

19.   Super Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary (Sealed)

20.   Super Mario Galaxy

21.   Super Mario Galaxy 2

22.   Super Paper Mario

23.   Super Smash Bros

24.   The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

25.   Tomb Raider: Anniversary

26.   Wii Sports

27.   Wii Sports Resort

28.   Zack and Wiki

29. Rock Band 3

30. Dead Space Extraction

31. Bit Trip Complete

32. Zelda Skyward Sword with Bundled Wii Remote

33. Mario Super Sluggers

34. Mario Strikers Charged

35. Punch Out! Wii

36. Batallion Wars 2 


and many more to come!



White Nintendo Wii w Box

Black Nintendo Wii w Box 

Blue Nintendo Wii w Box

Red Special Mario Edition w Box

Wii Mini w Box 




Red w Motion Plus Inside

Black Boxed

Blue Boxed

Pink w Motion Plus 

Zelda Wii Motion Plus Limited Controller

Mario Wii Motion Plus

Luigi Wii Motion Plus 




Black Deluxe Console Set

Zelda Deluxe Console Bundle 

Nintendo Land 

New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Luigi U

Zombi U

Pikmin 3

The Wonderful 101

The Legend of Zelda HD

Game & Wario

Sonic The Lost World